Metabolic Cooking – Fat Loss Cook Book Review

Metabolic Cooking - Fat Loss Cook Book

Loss weight and burn the fat by cooking!Loss weight and burn the fat by cooking! If you are extremely overwhelmed with all the various diet fads out there then the Metabolic Cooking – Fat Loss Cook Book can be your salvation. Even if you are on a prominent fat loss diet program for a quick weight loss bridal diet this cookbook can work for you as well. Created by Karine The Lean Kitchen QueenLosier and David Ruel a well known fitness cook Metabolic Cooking -Fat Loss Cook book is based on body science, and works.


Well What is Metabolic Cooking?

You may wonder okay it is a fat loss cook book, but what is the deal on this Metabolic Cooking? What makes this cook book stand out from all the other weight loss tips out there? The answer is all the others have failed while Metabolic Cooking – Fat Loss Cook Book actually will succeed. You see other fat loss cook books have not caught on to what Karine and David discovered. What that is, is cooking with Metabolic Thermo charged ingredients? What are Metabolic Thermo charged ingredients? To put is simply they are foods that have a metabolic boosting power to make your body burn more fat. You see eating these foods require a bit more energy to digest so you again burn more fat to digest them. That is not all that entails the Metabolic Cooking – Fat Loss Cook Book though. The cook book also includes a Nutri- Profile under each recipe so you know exactly what these ingredients are and their nutritional value to the body. The cook book also fights the dreaded Metabolic Adaptation Phenomenon. A fancy word for that point in your diet where you basically get stuck at those last 5lbs you want to lose. The reason behind this is that the body starts to want to adapt to your eating style. It then regulates your metabolic rate to match so you only burn as many calories as you intake. This means no fat loss. In the cookbook it fights against this dreaded phenomenon.

Get 250 Fat Loss Recipes!

And They Taste Great

Karine and David also promise these recipes are delicious, plus they will take little time to prepare. Karine is not a famous chef she is just a woman who likes to eat and want to be healthy too, but not spend all day in the kitchen either. The Metabolic Cooking – Fat Loss Cook book is actually a 9 cookbook set that Includes:

250 recipes that are all prepared with metabolic thermo charged foods that will transform your body into a fat burning machine!

* A handy list of all the metabolic thermo charge foods that are out there. So many people do not know that there are actual delicious foods out there that have fat burning qualities in them and they do not have to suffer through tasteless weight loss foods they can eat real food!

* An in-depth guide on the Metabolic Adaptation Phenomenon and how to fight against it.

The Fat Loss Optimizer guide that includes their 10 rules of metabolic cooking,

how to create your own individualized meal plans that will work with your body, money saving shopping tips, and an in depth guide in how to use their Nutri – Profile system, plus a lot, lot more.

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And just for visiting the site you can get the whole cookbook set that is worth $412 dollars for a simple amount of $47.00. Better yet they have an additional 60 day trial run with a no hassle money back guarantee. The cook book set is completely downloadable so you will have no troublesome shipping fees to return it so you get 100% money back guarantee no if, ands or buts.

Fat Loss Cook Book money back guarantee

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