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The Burn The Fat, Feed the Muscle diet comes to you from Author, Fat loss expert, and 7 time Natural Body Building Champion Tom Ventuto. His diet program boasts to be the most powerful fat burning program ever. This program will not only help you shed some pounds in 49 days this program will also change your life helping you keep your weight off permanently. Most other diet plans secretly do not want you to succeed in losing weight. If you succeed then you do not need their diets anymore and they lose money. Tom鈥檚 fat burning program works great for those who are looking for a serious weight loss program, or need to go on a little pre wedding diet to look good on their wedding day. The Burn The Fat, Feed the Muscle program consists of no diet supplements, no agonizing workouts, and no starving yourself, or always feeling hungry. So what is the secret behind this diet that makes it so special? The secret is body science.


Body Science You Say?

When creating his fat burning program Tom discovered a bit of body science that has been known for over eighty years.

Burn The Fat - Click here to learn more!It was discovered by a scientist name William H. Sheldon. What Sheldon discovered was there are 3 main body types out there, and each of these body types burn and store fat differently. What Tom discovered

this all means was that if we are not eating the right foods that work well with our bodies to burn fat that we never will. This is why people struggle so much to lose weight and keep it off. It is because even though say you are on a low fat, or low carb diet they are not losing fat really mostly water and muscle mass. Once we know what our body type is we can then focus on what right combination of foods works for us to jump start our metabolism turning our body鈥檚 fat burning machine for all time! No need to go to diet pills, or dangerous surgery to achieve your weight loss success. With the Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle program you will learn how to lose belly fat in accordance to your body type. This is why you and your friend can go on the same exact diet, and your friend loses weight leaving you to not lose an ounce. This is not that you can鈥檛 lose weight. In truth the diet worked for her body type not yours.


Burn The FatIn Tom Ventuto Burn the Fat, Feed The Muscle program you will learn to identify which body type you have. Once your know your body type you then get to discover what foods out there will work with your body turning it into a burn the fat machine. The program is completely downloadable, and for ordering you get 5 amazing bonus e books that are estimate to be priced at $287.00, and you get them all for free! In these bonuses you get to learn what foods out there are known to boost metabolism, yet be low in calories. Learn what foods are well known to cause your body to store fat and how to stay away from them and so many more helpful bonus tips. The Burn the Fat, Feed The muscle program is so confident it will work for you the program comes with a 60 day risk free trial. If Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle has not changed your life within the 60 day trial period you get a 100% money back guarantee with no hassle or runarounds.

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When it comes to weight loss prior to your approaching wedding we will give you valuable information you can use in order to make educated decisions about the right pre wedding diet for you. The criteria for examining the diet plans are: a diet that gives fast results, easy to understand and implement, using the step by step, covering all the major problems every bride has- to look good staging the biggest moment in your life, and especially the night of the honeymoon, being beautiful and slim for your future husband... Read more...